Five men met in Chicago to hire on with MacDuff’s Mining Ventures, but the job wasn’t important. Each was lookin’ to escape his past and head West. Quincy Boondock, wouldn’t make it — he died on the road to Alder Creek. Likewise, Pao Xing died from a gut shot in Shan Fan. Still, others like Nick Nashville, inhabited by a manitou since being gunned down on the steps of a Colorado church, would be changed forever.

They were joined by others, like Kevin Russell, who would leave them when he fell in love with Shelley Pearl in Coffin Rock. Horace “Handgrenade” Holcolm, Ellis Island, and Abram Thurgood would also join them for the long haul.

Of the original five, only Colonel Angus, Gerard Timberlake, and Nashville remain.

What Fate or Famine have in store for them, they can only imagine. This is their story . . .

Deadlands Reloaded: Sunday Night In The Weird West